Norihisa Senda President & CEO
Senda Mizuho Limited
Jumbolia, Inc.

Family Tradition and Uniqueness

  • Dedicating proudly as the “Professional of Rice” for nearly 100 years since 1919.
  • Owned and managed by good family tradition.
  • Passion to contribute our society and industry.
  • “Professional Uses” oriented approaches by our dedicated staffs achieve our unique and distinguished status in the industry.
  • “Deliver safe, reliable, healthy and tasty rice products” is our motto and promise to our customers.


Head Office, Rice Mill & Jumbolia Food Centre (Cooked Rice and Meal Manufacturing Unit)


One of oldest internationally opened ports in Japan
– Heart of international trades –


One of heart-lands for rice cultivation in Japan

Quality Assurance and Eco-Friendly Actions

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated QA team staffs sample and check both Physicochemical and Sensory inspections every day for both brown/milled rice and cooked rice – highly sophisticated inspection manner and standard assure our products are shipped in sound quality and conditions. Every delivery to be analyzed; Moisture, Whiteness, Amylose, Protein, Fat, Taste-meter, 1000 corn weight, damaged/colored/dead/broken/mold etc. as well as sensory items e.g. smells and palatability.

Our Food Manufacturing Unit (Jumbolia) is accredited ISO9001 (Quality Management System) for the O’nigiri production and introduced HACCP procedure into the rice cooking line.


Our product traceability system – Senda Traceability System (STS) accredited by the neutral accreditation body – ensures all product shipped to our customers are able to trace back to the brown rice received at our rice mills.

Eco-Friendly Actions

Our company thoroughly commits to protect and improve our global environment. We achieved ISO14001 in 2005 and participates “Fun to Share” actions to minimize our emissions. Also, as a global citizen, we supports UNU’s Zero Emission activities as well as donates regularly to Earth Access Committee for international refugee and global environment issues.

Organic Rice Handling

Niigata Mill is accredited organic product handler/processor for OCIA, US NOP and Equivalency to EU OPP Standards through OCIA Japan.

Blended Rice and BG Musenmai

Blended Rice and Why?

  1. Blended rice produced under Senda Mizuho’s highly ethical professionalism ensures consistent quality and price for users/consumers.
  2. With the distinguished rice selection/procurement manners and milling/blending techniques.
  3. Blended rice products are designed for respective customers as “Fit for Purpose” e.g. best for Sushi, best for O’nigiri, best for Teishoku, best for Japanese curry etc. etc.
  4. Senda Mizuho achieved reputations as the reliable blended rice supplier from customers/consumers in Japan.

Musenmai and Why?

Senda Mizuho’s Musenmai(Pre-washed rice) milling technique ensures you are free from washing of milled rice at kitchen. Musenmai contributes reduction of your water usage i.e. drainage volume.

The Shoku-no-Sanjumaru Selection (The Triple Circle of Food Selection) is a non-profit public utility aiming to improve self-sufficiency in food products, to reduce CO2, and to promote the safety and security of foods.
Awarded Senda Mizuho Products in 2017